How to do Spring Break on a Budget

By Kelli Walker


Spring Break can be a fun experience, but you don’t have to empty your pockets to enjoy it! Here are three effective ways to have a fantastic spring break without breaking the bank.


1.) Planning is Key to Success


Credit: Design is Yay


Let’s be honest: planning can save you from stressing, especially if you usually do so at the last minute. The best way to plan for spring break is to prepare in advance, at least three months prior to your expected break. During this time, you can gradually set aside money for your trip without throwing you off of your other financial responsibilities.


2.) Search for Deals


Credit: iMore


Just like planning ahead, buying ahead can also help you save money. Round-trip tickets are drastically lower when you choose to buy them weeks or months in advance, as opposed to buying them last minute. The same goes for hotel prices!

If you cannot find enough deals to save money on a flight, also consider other transportation methods like bus rides or road trips, depending on how far your destination is.


3.) Two (or Five) is Better Than One!


Credit: Intrepid Travel


Traveling in groups is very helpful when dividing the cost of any trip. A two-bedroom hotel room will save you money if you have more people willing to go. Also, some events at your desired location will cost less if you’re able to get a group discount.  
Overall, planning a trip isn’t always about the location but making memories with those you love. So make sure not to get too caught up in the itinerary and just have fun!




Featured image is from Pinterest.


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