Colourpop Lux Lipstick Review

By Madison Gillespie


Credit: Real SimpleMercari


As an avid lover and frequent wearer of lipstick, I’m always looking for new ones to try. Whether it be a liquid or créme-based formula; matte or satin in finish; pink, red, burgundy or neutral in shade – I’ve tried many different kinds of lipstick (and may or may not have developed an addiction to them). So it was to my delight when Colourpop, one of my favorite makeup brands, released their new Lux Lipstick line in mid-February.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Colourpop is a cruelty-free makeup brand offering luxuriously formulated products for affordable prices; as their company mission states, “We pride ourselves on being wallet friendly and bunny approved.” Colourpop has since gained popularity for their liquid lipsticks, Vitamin E-enriched Lippie Stix, and extremely pigmented, creaseproof eyeshadows and palettes. While I had only tried Colourpop’s liquid lipsticks up to this point, I became hooked on the brand because of their great quality and. Most of their liquid lips cost only $6.50 per tube, after all.

So understandably, the announcement of the Lux Lipsticks – Colourpop’s first line of créme-based lipsticks – instantly piqued my interest. I wasn’t able to purchase any when they first launched, as they sold out in minutes, but I had better luck during the first restock. Now I’m the proud owner of two Lux Lipsticks, and I can say these products (mostly) live up to their hype. Read on for a more comprehensive review, complete with pictures!


Packaging & Appearance: 5/5 stars



Each Lux Lipstick comes in a rose gold, metal-plated tube. It’s a bit on the larger side for a lipstick tube – it takes up the entire length of my palm, as you can see above – which might make it difficult to fit in a pocket or small bag on the go. However, I find that having a larger tube of product makes it easier to find when I’m reaching around in my bag, which is a real plus when I need to quickly reapply.

Also, this lipstick is just so cute! I’m all about the aesthetics of my makeup products, and this lipstick checks all the boxes. Everything from the color of the lipstick tube to the adorable stars carved into the lipstick’s surface (which also match the smaller stars dotted across the tube) just make me happy whenever I use this product!



Color & Pigmentation: 3.8/5 stars




Despite my overall satisfaction with this product, the one area of fault I have concerns the lipstick colors themselves. I don’t know if this is an issue with the shades I bought or with the collection as a whole, but the colors I ordered ended up being much different than what I imagined.

I purchased the shades “Pinkies Up” and “Lay Over” from the Lux line, which are respectively marketed as a “rosey nude” and a “medium rosy beige” on Colourpop’s website. I wear a lot of pink, mauve, and neutral-toned lipsticks, so these colors seemed perfect for me. However, when I tested the colors myself, I realized how much darker they are in person, as evidence by how much they pop against my skin in the above photo!

While these lipsticks are the type of color that Colourpop advertised (rosy nudes), they are still darker than how they appeared in the website’s promotional photos. Since I have very pale skin, I always use the images of the lipstick on the company’s palest model to estimate how the colors will look on myself. It was these images that helped me decide on the colors I bought, and in some ways I almost feel misled!



The promotional images from Colourpop’s website for Lay Over (left) and Pinkies Up (right). Even though Pinkies Up didn’t have a photograph of a model wearing the lipstick, you can still see that their swatch is much lighter than how it appeared on my arm. Images credited to Colourpop.



My frustrations about the pictures aside, I do still like these colors. They are very pretty shades, and while they ended up being a bit dark for everyday makeup looks, I know these lipsticks will be perfect for dates or nights out with friends. The colors are also very pigmented and apply evenly, meaning just one swipe of lipstick is all you need before going out!



Feel & Performance: 4.5/5 stars


Here I’m wearing Lay Over with a little bit of clear gloss. It applies so smoothly! 


One of the Lux Lipstick line’s defining features is its supersoft formula, consisting of essential oils, butters, and vitamins. Including ingredients like pomegranate seed butters and jojoba oil, Colourpop designed the line to hydrate the lips and protect them against “environmental stressors and premature aging.” All of this is apparent when you apply the lipstick. It glides onto your lips softly and smoothly; I was surprised how pillowy it felt against my skin! My lips also feel more moisturized each time I wear it.

In terms of its durability, this lipstick stays on pretty well throughout the day. A bit of color does transfer when eating or drinking, so watch out for lipstick getting around your mouth or on your chin! Transferability is more common with créme-based lipsticks, though, so I wasn’t surprised by this (nor did I really mind). Since the product reapplies so smoothly, it isn’t much hassle to readjust your lipstick.



Final Thoughts

Overall, I think the Lux Lipsticks are worth buying. While the colors I chose ended up being darker than anticipated, they are still beautiful shades and the formula feels wonderful on your lips. Just do your research before selecting a color, and you should have a great new addition to your lipstick collection.


All 24 shades of Lux Lipstick will be restocked on March 8, so mark your calendars!




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