Seven Tips for Long Distance Relationships on Valentine’s Day

By Maddy Talbert


Credit: The Gottman Institute 


Just because your partner is upstate or maybe even thousands of miles away doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing Valentine’s Day together. If you’re in a long distance relationship, you’re probably a pro at Skype dates and time zone differences, but even the pros need help sometimes. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


1.) Up Your Skype Dinner Date

It may seem kind of silly to eat in front of your computer screen, but Skyping over a meal is always a relaxing and easy way to catch up and talk. One small way to show your person that you care to order takeout for each other. With online ordering and apps like Grubhub or UberEats, it is even easier to arrange to get his or her favorite food.


2.) Binge with Your Boo


Credit: Survive LDR


This may not be as infamous as Netflix and Chill, but it is the perfect way to catch up on shows you started with your partner and are waiting to watch with one another. By using a website like Rabbit, you can watch any show or video at the same time while video, audio and text chatting.


3.) Care Package


Credit: Hative


There is nothing better than getting an unexpected gift from someone you love, and while you can’t gift them with your presence, you might was well make the best care package ever. These packages can contain the typical Valentine’s Day goodies such as candy, stuffed animals or chocolates. You can additionally add fun little knick-knacks, T-shirts, gift cards, or other things that made you think of your partner. Throwing in a handwritten note or card may seem a little old fashioned, but it’s always heartwarming to have a tangible reminder of the person you love.


4.) Wake- Up Texts and Calls

This may seem like a no brainer, but making sure you send a text in the morning when you wake up or they are waking up can really help brighten their day.


5.) Enlist a Friend or Roommate

If you know your partner’s roommate or close friends, you can ask them to help arrange a surprise for your significant other. You can put together a package full of decorations, lights, rose petals, candy, or whatever makes your significant other smile, and have your trusted friend decorate your partner’s room for a fun surprise.


6.) Arrange Your Own Valentine’s Day

You and your partner can pick your own day during the year to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Nothing beats seeing your significant other in person, and by postponing Valentine’s Day, you can go all out without the worries of shipping costs and lost packages.


7.) P.S. I Love You (Without the Movie Angst)

When in doubt, take a page out of a good rom-com. Create a set of envelopes or notes for your boyfriend or girlfriend to open each day leading up to Valentine’s Day. Each one can have a short note, a picture of you together, or some other memento, all leading up to a big special present or care package on Valentine’s Day.



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