A Love Letter to Jess Day from “New Girl”

By Indira Midha


Dearest Jess Day,


What can I say, I know these rhymes would make you feel some kind of way, so that’s why I started with this today. Anyway.


Credit: Fanpop


I’ve loved you since the first episode of New Girl, and I can securely say that you are one of my all-time favorite TV characters. Here are a few things I want to thank you for.


1.) Thank you for showing us that being true to yourself, despite its difficulties at times, is worth it.


Credit: GIPHY


You are never afraid to sing, be quirky, or speak up for what you believe in. I love that, and I admire you so much for it.


2.) Thank you for showing us that being both nice and assertive is possible.


Credit: Movie Pilot


You truly find ways to make your voice heard, and you are so considerate of others while doing it, which is something that many people struggle with balancing.


3.) Thank you for showing us that if we chase after our dreams enough, we can make them reality.


FOX's "New Girl" - Season Three
Credit: HelloGiggles


You go, Principal Day!


4.) Thank you for showing us that “nerd glasses” can be chic.


Credit: tvgcdn.net


While you don’t wear them all the time, they’re part of your signature look. As somebody with horrible vision who doesn’t like wearing contacts full time, you are someone I like to model my style after when I’m wearing my thick-framed glasses.


5.) Thank you for showing us that one voice, no matter the face it matches with, has power.


Credit: Fanpop


You are tiny, kind, quirky and female – characteristics that often give others the impression that they can talk over you. I love that you prove them wrong and stand up for yourself and what you believe in so gracefully. You are teaching young girls that they don’t have to sit back and let people walk over them or make them feel small.


You are a great role model, Jessica Day.

With much love.




Featured image is from Her Campus.

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