YouTubers of the Month: December 2017

By Indira Midha


1.) ASAPScience


Credit: University of Guelph


I love this channel because it’s quite educational, but the information is so leisurely presented that it definitely doesn’t feel like you’re learning science (a subject I never liked in school). All of their videos are under five minutes, and they touch on topics anywhere from how to change people’s opinions to what will happen if all of the ice in the world melts. This channel also occasionally features some cool guests, like Lilly Singh (YouTube personality IISuperwomanII) and Bill Nye The Science Guy.


Favorite Video:




2.) Lucy Moon


Credit: YouTube


Lucy is basically the best friend everybody wants. She makes really cool vlogs as well as lots of talking videos where she gives really raw, honest advice and personal anecdotes. I love her music-themed videos as well as her makeup videos. Real talk, everything on this channel is great – go give it a watch!


Favorite Video:




3.) Niki and Sammy


Credit: Daily Mail


These twins are simply hilarious. I love their carpool karaoke videos, which are a major part of their channel. They also feature a bunch of other cool YouTubers (including Lucy!) and are overall just a great laugh.


Favorite Video:




4.) Kathleen Lights


Credit: YouTube


Kathleen is my favorite beauty YouTuber by far. Her tutorials are so beautiful and really easy to follow. The best part about Kathleen’s channel is that the looks are doable and wearable, not crazy stuff that non-professionals can’t pull off. Kathleen does a decent amount of affordable makeup look videos, which is super nice for those on a college budget. She is well known in the beauty community and even has her own nail polish line, as well as some featured lines with big makeup brands like ColourPop!


Favorite Video:





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