Your Survival Guide to Internship Offer Season

By Riley Corboy


Credit: MovieWeb


For many of you young hopefuls out there, interview season is winding to a close and offer season is kicking into high gear. If you played your cards right, you might already have been extended an internship offer already. If you’re really lucky, you might even have a few different offers on the table to choose from. Whatever your situation, there are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind as you go through this overwhelming process.


DO review your university’s recruiting policy. Make sure you know how much time your school requires companies recruiting through them to allot for students to make offer decisions. Occasionally, companies will try to pressure you into accepting by giving you less time than you’re supposed to have. If this happens, consult with your university’s career center on the best way to proceed (Hint: the company is NOT allowed to do this).


DON’T pester your point of contact in the company. Whether it be someone in the HR department or one of your interviewers, do not unleash a barrage of emails on them asking when a final decision will be made. One or two follow-up emails over the course of a few weeks are acceptable, but err on the side of too little communication.


DO ask for more time if you need it. If you’re juggling multiple offers or are holding out for your dream company to extend one, don’t be afraid to ask companies that are interesting in hiring you for more time to make your decision. This doesn’t make you seem uninterested or look like you’re blowing them off – recruiters know the demanding position you’re in right now. That being said, be prepared for the answer to be “no” in some cases. You are a hot commodity for sure, but every company has a different hiring pace.


DON’T stay in your comfort zone. At least, not too much. Internships are a unique way to test a job before deciding if you’re committed to the company or industry. Take this time to work in a field you’re really interested in, even if it’s not your major or you don’t exactly feel qualified. If you can get an internship far away from your hometown, even better. You have the rest of your life to settle down into one career, in one industry and in one place. Now is the time to explore a little and see what you actually like doing. You just might surprise yourself.




Featured image is from LinkedIn.

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