Why It’s Great to be Home for the Holidays

By Clare Kocher


Coming home for the holiday season is a relaxing, refreshing, and highly anticipated occurrence. Following a rough week of finals, winter break is a time to relax and enjoy being home, getting a fresh start before second semester. 


Credit: GIPHY


1)    Showering without shower shoes.

Forget having to slide on your flip-flops (or Crocs, in my case) just to enjoy a nice warm shower. Get ready to hop right in, unhindered, to enjoy.


2)    Lack of obligations.

Finals are over! It’s time to wave goodbye to your previous state of panic and enjoy your days however you see fit.


3)    Sleeping in.

No more 8 a.m.s, 9 a.m.s, or even 10 a.m.s to set multiple alarms for! Enjoy the peace of mind of zero alarms, a cozy bed and as much sleep as you could possibly need.


Credit: GIPHY


4)    Seeing old friends.

Of course you love your college friends, but few things compare to seeing your friends from high school and childhood. Catch up, hang out as much as you desire, and hear about their crazy college stories!


5)    Spending time with your family.

That’s right, don’t forget to make time for the people who love you most. It can be easy to focus on your friends, but also make sure to spend some nights in having fun with the fam.


6)    It’s pet time!

You’ve missed your pets, and your pets have missed you. Cuddle on the couch and spoil them as much as they deserve. Even if you aren’t lucky enough to have a furry best friend of your own, go over to a friend’s house and share.


Credit: GIPHY


7)    Home-cooked meals.

No more hitting up Green Street and wasting money on your fourth Noodles and Company dinner of the week. It’s time to enjoy some delicious food, a fully stocked fridge, and meals with the ones you love.


8)    Season two of Stranger Things.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who hasn’t had time to enjoy season two of this amazing Netflix series. Take the time to properly binge watch while it’s cold and snowy outside.


9)    Holiday traditions.

It’s a wonderful feeling to relive your winter break traditions. Whatever they may be, you’ve probably done them your whole life – and it’s one of the best feelings ever to experience them again.


10)  Adventures.

Do something spontaneous this break! After all of your eating and relaxing, get some friends together and do something crazy. Some of your best memories from this break will be made.




Featured image is from Pinterest.

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