The Best Parts of the Holiday Season

By Melanie Smith


Credit: Getty Images


As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, you have the opportunity to do some really wonderful and special holiday activities that you can’t do at other times of the year. One of my favorite activities during the holiday season is decorating my house or apartment with Christmas lights and decorations. The lights are so pretty and really add a much-needed spark to the dark, colorless world outside. Once I have my own decorations up, I also love driving around to see other Christmas decorations on houses, or as a part of a shrine or park’s light displays.

If I’m not in the mood to take in the lights and colors or if it’s too cold or snowy, it can be really fun and simple to just stay home. Making Christmas cookies and cocoa or bundling up with a warm blanket and a loved one to watch Christmas movies are amazing and fun activities that you can do without leaving your home!




On those days where it’s not too cold to enjoy the outdoors, though, there is so much that I love to do outside during the holidays! Going sledding or ice skating with friends or family or making snowmen and snow angels have always been favorite activities of mine. Just make sure to bundle up and protect your ears, fingers and toes from the cold and snow!




Featured image is from Decoist

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