Style Guide: Turtlenecks

By Melanie Smith 


Credit: Closetful of Clothes


As the cold weather creeps in, turtlenecks are by far one of my favorite pieces to wear for the colder season. They are must-haves to include in your wardrobe this winter in order to stay warm and stylish. You can style them up or down, whether you’re going for a more fancy and classy look, or find something relaxed more appealing. There are chunky turtleneck sweaters or more fitted turtleneck tops. The best thing about turtlenecks is that they are so easy to style and can make every outfit look chic.

You can still bring skirts or shorts into the colder season by pairing thick tights with your favorite turtleneck, a denim, button-up, or leather skirt and a pair of boots or booties. You will look so stylish by adding any type of skirt with a turtleneck tucked in on top, and it’s an easy outfit to put together.


Credit: Pinterest


You can also wear turtlenecks with your favorite pair of jeans, especially tucked into a pair of high-waisted jeans. This woman’s camel coat, beige wool turtleneck, black leather skinny pants and ankle boots create an interesting mix of colors and fabrics that look stunning together.



Credit: Wheretoget


However, don’t be afraid to be bold when styling your turtleneck. You do not have to settle for wearing jeans; play around with different types and styles of pants, such as these wide-leg pants.

In my opinion, fashion has no rules. It should involve taking chances and wearing what will make you feel most confident. Turtlenecks come in so many colors, fabrics, and patterns that you can easily buy one and wear it in so many different ways. 



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