How to Create Your Own Holiday Traditions

By Kelli Walker


Traditions can bring people closer together during the holidays for generations to come – sometimes it becomes the glue of your family or friendships. Here are several ideas on how to create your own holiday traditions that you and your family can all enjoy for years!


1.) Matching Clothes

There’s nothing cuter than wearing matching PJs. They don’t have to be boring plaid with nametags, either – they could be something fun and unisex that the whole family will enjoy wearing!


Credit: Pinterest


With this idea, there’s no doubt that your family and friends will be picture perfect!


2.) Seasonal Food/Treats

Some types of foods only come once a year, so why not take advantage of them? Learning different recipes and other cultural foods for your favorite holiday is a great tradition to start.


Credit: Pinterest


You can get everyone involved by challenging your loved ones to come up with recipe ideas from a different country, ethnicity, or more. Don’t be surprised if you hit the jackpot and come across a recipe that everyone will want to make again!


3.) Giving Back to Those in Need

Assisting others is always a great tradition to start. It can definitely make your holiday better by knowing that you helped someone else.


Credit: Pinterest


Whether it’s donating toys or clothes, making and passing out dinner plates, or even distributing supplies such as blankets or pillows. Spreading holiday joy is a special tradition that should never be forgotten.


4.) Scavenger Hunts

Just because Easter is known for its egg hunts doesn’t mean it’s the only holiday where you can do a scavenger hunt!


Credit: Pinterest


Other holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day can become more interesting by creating a scavenger hunt for all age groups to enjoy. Besides, who doesn’t like free gifts?


5.) Vacations/Trips

Every now and then, we need a break to relieve some stress. One good way to do this is by starting a family tradition to go on an annual vacation.


Credit: Pinterest


These vacations don’t have to be expensive or exotic, either. It could be a trip to visit family members in another state, a camping trip, going to Disneyland, or more!




Featured image is from PhillyVoice.

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