C-U Grocery Stores for Every Occasion

By Maddie Sievers


The University of Illinois has many grocery stores, but unless you’ve been to them all, it can be hard to say which one is best for you. Look no further than these straightforward descriptions of three of the most popular stores around campus before going shopping.


Harvest Market


Credit: ShookKelly


This newer grocery store is the place to go for gourmet items, pre-made meals, and ready-to-cook foods. There is also a full restaurant inside that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Complete with a buffet of hot foods and a salad bar, Harvest Market gives you the option to eat in the store’s dining area or get your meal to go. As far as groceries, you’ll find a vast selection of cheeses, seafoods, meats, produce and breads that are all of very high quality. Many locally-sourced items can also be found here. However, with all of the upscale food comes a rather upscale price. Harvest Market is located very close to campus on Neil Street, just a few blocks south of Kirby Avenue.




Credit: Wifecraft


ALDI isn’t the prettiest grocery store, but it is without a doubt the most affordable one in the area. There are three ALDIs in the C-U area, making it a convenient grocery choice regardless of which part of town you may find yourself. While the majority of the products here are not brand name, they are still very good quality, especially for the price. If you’re looking to eat healthy on a tight budget, ALDI is the way to go. The prices of its fresh produce are simply unbeatable!


County Market


Credit: UIUC Admissions


County Market is the most convenient grocery store on UIUC’s campus. If you don’t have access to a vehicle or need to pick up one or two things in a pinch, stop by County Market. There are several ready-made meal options available here as well, including sushi, a salad bar and soups. A bonus to County Market is the Coffee Bar located inside that features plenty of seating, making for a great and relatively quiet study spot. Be aware, however, that the convenience of this grocery store means that certain prices can be significantly marked up.





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