Bingeworthy Eighties-Themed Television Shows

By Maddie Sievers


Recently, there has been an abundance of eighties-themed TV shows, remakes of eighties movies, and even eighties commercials floating around different forms of media. Get on board with this trendy decade by binge-watching these popular television series set in the 1980s!


Stranger Things

Where to Binge: Netflix (Original Series)




Stranger Things is of course the most obvious, and perhaps the most well-done, eighties revival series. This is the show that ultimately led to Hollywood’s recent eighties craze. If you haven’t hopped on this bandwagon yet and binge-watched hours of Eleven and the boys battling demogorgons and evil scientists, do yourself a favor and watch it! You’ll like it even if you’re not usually a sci-fi fan.


Freaks and Geeks

Where to Binge: Netflix


Credit: Huffington Post


While Hollywood has recently been recreating the eighties, this is actually not the first time this has been done. In the early 2000s, there was also a significant uptick in eighties nostalgia. Freaks and Geeks, a short-lived but critically-acclaimed television show, was a part of this trend at the turn of the century. The show, which (unfortunately) consists of just one season, features several big-name stars before they went on to score bigger acting gigs. Look out for Jason Segel (who plays Marshall on How I Met Your Mother), Seth Rogen, and James Franco, all of whom play the parts of high school burnouts so well it’ll make you wish you could go back in time and be part of their group.


Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders

Where to Binge: Hulu


Credit: Hollywood Reporter


If you’re a crime show junkie, this peek into an infamous eighties murder trial is for you! The Law & Order franchise is notorious for having multiple spin-offs, including Criminal Intent, Los Angeles, Trial by Jury, and Special Victims Unit (SVU). True Crime is an excellent addition that any Law & Order fan will enjoy.



Where to Binge: Netflix (Original Series)


Credit: Movie Pilot


This series, with a full cast of powerful women, is a fictional recreation of the professional women’s wrestling group GLOW (Glamorous Ladies of Wrestling) that existed in the 1980s. The Netflix original series came about as a way for its two female creators to develop a new predominantly female show. While it may appear shallow on first glance (i.e. girl-on-girl action in a wrestling arena), the creators actually wanted to explore the impact of the 1970s women’s movement going into the 80s. So much female empowerment!


Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

Where to Binge: Netflix (Original Series)


Credit: Deadline


In response to the popular original parody movie, Netflix created a prequel mini-series in 2015. Set in the 1980s at the fictional Camp Firewood, the majority of the cast returned to play younger versions of their original characters. Among the most recognizable cast members are Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler, Elizabeth Banks, Judah Friedlander and Christopher Meloni.



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