5 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

By Riley Corboy


When it comes to gift giving, the old cliché is true: gifts from the heart always beat the ones from a store. Now, anyone with basic Internet access (or who has ever heard the word “Pinterest” discussed in hushed, reverent tones) knows there are a million Do-It-Yourself gift ideas floating around out there. Some of these ideas are pure garbage – if someone tried to give me a shoelace under the guise of a “DIY choker,” I would laugh, loudly, in front of them. On a serious note, there are plenty of amazing ideas out there alongside the stupid ones, and the real trick is to pick your DIY project based on the receivers’ needs. Here are five low-cost, non-garbage DIY projects you could totally give as Christmas gifts this year:



Credit: Pinterest


DIY lip balm: Everyone and their mother uses chapstick, so why not give them a lovely, all-natural version you made yourself? This is a super simple project requiring only coconut oil, beeswax (which is easier to acquire than you would think) and an essential oil of your choice. Banish those chapped winter lips once and for all!



Credit: Pinterest


DIY bath melts: Here is another use for that coconut oil you bought to make those lip balms! Baths are enjoyed by both men and women, so this is another people-pleasing project you can whip up quickly. The coconut oil in these bath melts really packs a moisturizing punch, which is especially handy this time of year. However, BEWARE: these will melt at room temperature, so add a little note to your gift about keeping them in the fridge.



Credit: Pinterest


DIY infused olive oil: There’s a food lover somewhere in your life, and this is the perfect present for them. Fancy, infused olive oils often retail for over $40 a bottle, which is a huge scam because you can make this version at home for around $6. Break out the garlic!



Credit: Pinterest


DIY zen garden: Know anyone who could use a little more peace and tranquility in their life? Believe it or not, this is a socially acceptable way to give someone sand and rocks and call it a gift. Cherish this moment.



Credit: Audible


DIY audio book recording: Sometimes, a little imagination goes a long way. If you have someone in your life who doesn’t read much or doesn’t have a lot of time to sit and read physical books, this project is perfect. Grab a paperback copy of an amazing book you know they’ll love and a microphone (in a pinch, your phone’s microphone will do) and clear your throat. You can upload the audio files as separate chapters onto a website like Dropbox so your gift recipient can easily access them and listen to the book as a playlist. BONUS: don’t forget to do different, funny voices for each of the characters!



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