20 Simple Gifts Under $20

By Rachel King


While Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, it is a time of stress for many because it can mean spending lots of money on loved ones. Granted, this spending is worth it for the happiness experienced by your family and friends – but that doesn’t mean you should have to break the bank each year to achieve this same level of happiness. To help you spend wisely this Christmas, here is a list of 20 gift ideas for under $20 each. Now you will be able to get your friends and family some fun, useful goodies without starting the new year off broke!


1.) Lotion


Credit: Kevin & Amanda


This is a convenient gift that can be picked up at almost any store. There are lots of different scents to satisfy all tastes, and there are also non-scented lotions if you don’t have time to research different fragrances.


2.) Fuzzy/Crew Socks


fuzzy socks
Credit: DHgate.com


Everyone loves (and needs) socks – male, female, young, old, you name it! If you’re really struggling to find a gift for someone, this is always something reliable to fall back on.


3.) Baked Goods


gingerbread men
Credit: Taste of Home


You get to choose how much money and time you spend when baking treats. If you want to make a high-end dessert that looks gorgeous and has a million ingredients, you can! If you want to buy pre-made cookie dough, put it on a cookie sheet, and just bake that, you can do that too! It’s up to you.


4.) Candles


Credit: YouTube


Candles, similar to lotions, come in loads of scents. Plus, they’re so comforting to have around and you can never have too many of them.


5.) Notebooks


Credit: Etsy


For anyone who loves to write, a notebook is the perfect gift. There are many with cute patterned covers, but if you don’t know which design your friend or family member might like, a plain one in their favorite color is a safe bet.


6.) Colorful Gel Pens/Sharpies


Credit: JetPens


These are great for anyone who is super creative or likes to write a lot. In fact, you could even pair them with a notebook (see above) or some kind of sketchpad.


7.) Winter Hats


winter hat
Credit: Amazon


As colder weather settles in, the winter hats come out! There are many different styles to accommodate everyone’s tastes, and since these hats come in various prices, you can more easily spend within your budget.


8.) Chocolates/Truffles


Credit: Food Network


Coming from someone with a huge sweet tooth, this is a fantastic gift that requires little thought. Simply find out your recipient’s favorite type of chocolate or chocolate bar and buy it in bulk! If you aren’t able to find out, just go with an assortment.


9.) Phone Cases


Credit: CNET


This is something simple that people need and use to express themselves. You should buy one for someone you know very well so that you know exactly what they would like!


10.) Therapy Coloring Books


coloring book
Credit: Amazon


This is a more recent fad and has been recommended by countless researchers, as it is said to reduce anxiety. Give this to your friends who are most prone to getting stressed, have a lot of classes, or have difficult majors.


11.) Shot Glasses


Credit: Your WDW Store


For your friends who love to live it up and can legally drink, buy them some shot glasses! You can get them embellished with a school or sports logo for football fans, a funny saying or meme for practical jokers, or with various breweries across the nation for travelers.


12.) Jewelry


Credit: Cherry Creek North


Women love earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings, so this is an easy gift to buy. The nice thing is that they can be personalized or not, expensive or inexpensive. In other words, you have a lot of flexibility in terms of pricing.


13.) Coffee Mugs


coffee mug
Credit: Coffeemuseum

Give someone the gift of drinking coffee in style. Don’t know anyone that likes coffee? Grant someone the ability to spice up their orange juice or iced tea! They’ll thank you later.


14.) Nail Polish

Credit: BestProducts


Nail polish is such an easy gift to buy for anyone who is the ultimate girly-girl. Know someone who isn’t very girly? Black polish is also a fan favorite.


15.) Face Masks


Credit: Beautezine


Can you say “spa day?” Help someone feel pampered, rejuvenated, and refreshed with a hydrating face mask.


16.) A Novel

Credit: The Seattle Times


Did you know you could give the gift of knowledge for Christmas? All it takes is a book, whether it be nonfiction, fantasy, a mystery, or more. Check out a list of the most highly-rated books of the year and make your friends brainiacs.


17.) Fairy Lights


fairy lights
Credit: Lights & Decor For All Occasions


These are so fun to decorate with! They literally brighten and warm up any living space, making them perfect for dorms and bedrooms alike.


18.) Picture Frames


Credit: Pinterest


Want to buy something personal but can’t seem to remember what your friend likes? Buy a picture frame and insert photos of your cute selves. Bam! They’ll think you’re so thoughtful.


19.) Succulents


Credit: The Succulent Source


Succulents are some of the most aesthetic decorations, and you don’t even need a green thumb to care for them!


20.) Mason Jar Hot Cocoa (see “Homemade Holiday Treats You Can Give as Gifts“)


mason jar hot cocoa
Credit: Combat Crafts


Hot chocolate is one of the coziest winter drinks. It instantly gets you into the holiday spirit, making it the perfect Christmas gift. You also get to show off your creative side by decorating the mason jar however you please.




Featured image is from PopSugar.




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