Welcome to the November Issue





Dear Readers,


I hope the autumn season has treated you well so far! Now that Halloween has passed, excitement for the next big holiday of the season is starting to build (and I’m not talking about the one involving candy canes and decorating trees). Contrary to the red and green products already being sold in most stores, it’s time to get excited about the upcoming fall break and Thanksgiving! For many students, this is the first real opportunity to relax at home for an extended period of time, enjoying the company of family and friends. After months of homework and exams, having this week free to spend time with loved ones is all the sweeter – just like the whipped cream on a freshly baked pumpkin pie.

In honor of the upcoming break, this month’s issue of The Spread offers you the latest tips and tricks for the season. Jam out to a playlist of our recommended songs for the month while perusing our guides on some great seasonal lip colors and fun date ideas for your week off! November’s installments of our regular series, Doggos of UIUC, Monthly Favorites, YouTubers of the Month, and UIUC Student Fashion, are also back in full swing to offer you enjoyment throughout November.

In terms of this month’s spotlight pieces, we are proud to present featured interviews with three International students on their plans for Thanksgiving break. We also have a great collaborative piece this month: a video about the passage of time, which is an especially relevant topic since the semester is flying by!

Lots of other articles and photo galleries await, so I will let you check them out (EIC tip: this issue is best read while wrapped in a blanket, a steaming cup of coffee or tea in hand)! Make sure to stay warm and power through your remaining exams. From everyone on The Spread’s staff to you, have a fantastic fall break and happy Thanksgiving!



Madison Gillespie, Editor-In-Chief





Original acorn image is from EWallpapers.eu.

Featured graphic edited and created by Madison Gillespie.




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