GALLERY: Rainy Days at UIUC

By Jack Coombs


Fall is upon us at the University of Illinois, and with it comes those cold, wet, rainy days. Make sure you always have an umbrella in an exterior pocket of your backpack, and break out those old high school sweatshirts that fit you comfortably. Before you head back outside into the cold, enjoy a few pictures of our campus on a rainy day.



Leaves stick to the wet ground as people walk by on the Quad.



No matter what the weather is, students always must get to class.



Raindrops drip off the bottom of an Illinois flag.



This is a direct result of looking at your phone while walking. Be careful of those puddles!


quad monument

A monument on the Quad drenched from the rain.



Another leaf stuck to the sidewalk on a rainy day.


close leaf

Water droplets stick to a healthy green leaf after a quick drizzle.



No, Alma Mater is not crying. She is a strong, independent statue that doesn’t need an umbrella.



Foellinger Auditorium looking massive compared to the bug-like students walking below.


Although the days of shorts and swimsuits are gone, fall brings out exciting new opportunities to have fun, especially on this campus. Happy November, Illinois!




All photographs were taken by the author.

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