Fun Date Ideas for Thanksgiving Break

By Mea Donnelly


Thanksgiving break means two things: no school and getting to go home for a week. For couples, this may mean a week that is a little bit harder for dates. However, off-campus dates can be much more fun! For the couples who live near each other even outside of school, here are five date ideas to really make the most of the week off.


1.) Ice Skating.


Credit: How Men Dress


Ice skating is a classic date for a reason. It’s not only fun, but getting to tease each other about skating abilities can be cute too. If you want to take this date to the next level, go outdoors instead of an indoor ice rink. The cold will force you guys to get even closer and make for a great photo op, too.


2.) Attend a Football Game.


Credit: DC on Heels


November is prime football season, and getting to sit and snuggle up next to your significant other in the bleachers is a great way to watch your team win. Not only is this a fun way to just hang out, it also opens the door for some playful banter if you guys cheer for opposing teams.


3.) Stargazing.


Credit: Astronomy Magazine


November 17 is the peak day for the Leonid meteor showers, meaning the beginning of Thanksgiving break is a prime time to go stargazing. Not only will you two likely spot quite a few meteors, but nighttime stargazing is also super romantic. Plus, there are quite a few superstitions that seeing a meteor is good luck.


4.) Hit the Slopes.


Credit: Pinterest


This one may require a drive up to Wisconsin, but many slopes are set to open November 20. Skiing and snowboarding dates are a fun way to hang out and bond while being active. Plus, hot chocolate at the lodge afterwards is always a bonus.


5.) Go See a Movie.


Credit: Oh My Disney


There are a lot of really good movies coming out this November, such as The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Justice League, Wonder, and the Disney short Olaf’s Frozen Adventure preceding the new Pixar film Coco. Getting to see one of these great movies with your person is ideal. After all, movies are classic dates for a reason: all the snuggling.


So there you have it, Illini, five date ideas to get you and your significant other through Thanksgiving break!




Featured image is from TripSavvy.


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