Monthly Favorites: November 2017

By Rachel King


 1.) Thanksgiving Dinner


Thanksgiving Dinner
Credit: Dan’s Papers


You had to know this was going to top the list. A holiday dedicated entirely to food? Count me in! Of course, it is only complete with warm buttered rolls, sweet cranberry sauce, baked green bean casserole, rustic mashed potatoes, hot gravy with turkey drippings, stuffing seasoned to the nines, and a big juicy turkey. Then, because you didn’t have enough food, you have to polish off your plate with a steamy pumpkin pie and oodles of whipped cream. That is how you win at the Thanksgiving game.


Candles That Smell Like Fall


Fall Candles
Credit: LoveThisPic


There’s nothing better than walking into a house filled with the aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg, apples, and pumpkins. This scent serves as a form of aromatherapy in that it seems to calm and instantly cheer anyone who catches a whiff. It’s definitely one of my favorite items to indulge in during the autumn season, so make sure to stay stocked up!


Sweater Weather


Sweater Outfit
Credit: Pinterest


With the warm September and October months we had this year, everyone has been not-so-patiently waiting for November to arrive so tank tops can be thrown to the back of the closet and the cozy sweaters can be broken out again. Pair the sweaters with worn-out jeans of any shade and some stylish booties, and you’ve just assembled the idyllic fall look.


Apple Cider Donuts


Apple cider donuts
Credit: New England Today Food


We wait all year to drive to the apple orchards, pick our own apples, and sink our teeth into the doughy, sugary delights that are apple cider donuts. It’s heaven in a ring-shaped form. Enough said.


An Extra Hour of Sleep


Smiling baby girl lying on a bed sleeping on blue sheets
Credit: Sleeping Well Consulting


Our clocks will be set back on November 5, which means another hour for all us college kids to catch up on sleep! Or maybe you have to finish that assignment you pushed off until the very last minute. Either way, you get an extra hour, so spend it wisely.




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