What Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food Says About You

By Indira Midha


Friends Thanksgiving
Credit: Bustle


Ah, Thanksgiving. This holiday is fantastic with its whole concept of gratitude and unity, but we’re all really in it for the food. What does your favorite typical Thanksgiving dish say about you?



Credit: ScrippsNetworks

You are an easygoing, laid-back person who really appreciates the simple things in life. You like tradition and classic things. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?


Mashed Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes
Credit: Pillsbury

You are an outgoing people-person who loves to make others feel good. You value comfort and coziness. You are often enthusiastic. You are also a firm believer in the fact that potatoes are the best food group.



Credit: Betty Crocker

You are a very family-oriented person who looks forward to seeing relatives on this holiday more than anything. You are a very thankful person as well, which makes the satisfaction of a good Thanksgiving meal that much more impactful for you.


Collard Greens

thanksgiving greens
Credit: Food.fnr

You are a very independently motivated person. Your intrinsic drive really leads you to live your best life and push yourself toward improvement each day.


Cranberry Sauce

cranberry sauce.jpg
Credit: Simply Recipes

You are an old soul. You are nurturing and love to take care of the people you love. You are often a quiet leader, and a strong one at that.



Credit: Simply Recipes

You are a very detail-oriented person who appreciates the little things more than most people. You like to turn good things into great things, and you have a very tenacious character.


Pumpkin Pie

pumpkin pie
Credit: Food.fnr

You are sugar, spice and everything nice. Your sweet personality and demeanor are what make you have such a wholesome heart.


Pecan Pie

Credit: Sally’s Baking Addiction

You are sweet but also sassy. You are unique and put your own twist on everything that you do. You also aren’t afraid to be yourself and break away from norms.





Featured image is from Tumblr.

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