Style Guide: Duck Boots

By Maddie Sievers


Duck Boots 2



Duck boots have been a major trend for several seasons now! They are a great and versatile choice of footwear, especially for college students. Keep reading to find out why (and where) you should purchase a pair today.




First of all, duck boots go well with so many different fall outfits. Pair them with a scarf, a vest, a flannel, a denim shirt, a sweater… whatever!


Duck Boots 3


In the winter time, opt for a more all-weather pair of duck boots. Sperry has many varieties which, in place of leather or fabric, have a section that is the same material as a puffer coat.


Duck Boots 5


Duck boots are also an amazing option for rainy days. Because of their durable waterproof material, they are very similar to actual rain boots. The bottoms of these boots are designed to have some serious traction, so there’s no need to worry about slipping and sliding on wet surfaces. Come winter time, they’re also quite functional in the snow.


When it comes to purchasing a pair, many popular brands have each put their own spin on the classic duck boot style. However, the original duck boots are made by L.L. Bean. While their Bean Boots are still cute, if you’re looking for some that are a little less rugged and a little more stylish, it may be best to go with a different brand.

Sperry Top-Sider probably has the largest variety of styles and colors, and even offers wedge duck boots. An added bonus of this brand is their amazing comfort – you’ll feel a little bounce while you walk!

Meanwhile, Jack Rogers has some very chic, metallic duck boots. Another popular option is Sorel’s version of duck boots which, seeing as this brand is known for its snow boots, is likely the warmest pair of duck boots you’ll find!




Featured image is from Pinterest.

All other images were created by the author using Polyvore.

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