How to Host Friendsgiving in an Apartment

By Kelli Walker


Credit: Urban Outfitters Blog


Thanksgiving is a great time for families to come together and enjoy the many things they are grateful for. However, in this article, I’m going to help you share that same love with your friends!

1. Lights… Camera… Action!
Credit: Medium
No event is ever complete without a set time and location. So before you get excited and tell people to come, set aside a certain time and location for the event to take place. Also, if you do not live alone, please make sure to inform your roommates ahead of time – and even include them, too.
2.) I Have Beans, Greens, Potatoes, Tomatoes… You Name It!
Just like how every person in the family brings their own special dish to Thanksgiving dinner, you too should ask anyone who is attending to bring at least one or two dishes. Also, be considerate by checking to see if some of your guest are allergic to certain foods or have a certain eating lifestyle (such as vegetarian or vegan).
3.) Are You Entertained?
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Entertainment comes in many different forms. You can decide to have everyone involved in a fun game, or watch seasonal movies or a favorite sports game.
4.) They have Chocolate?!
Credit: Pinterest
Who doesn’t like dessert? No dinner should be complete without it (at least not this kind of dinner). This too can be something you ask your guests to bring, or you can challenge your cooking skills and create a variety of desserts.
5.) Goodbye Isn’t Forever 
Credit: Pinterest
Before the event is over, suggesting your guests take an extra plate to enjoy while they travel back home or handing out goody bags is a great way to show appreciation for them attending your event.
Hosting a Thanksgiving event isn’t about popularity or showing off, it’s about being grateful even for the littlest positive things. It’s about knowing everyone at your event has a special place in your life, and having people who love and care for you is definitely something to be grateful for. Everyone here at The Spread magazine hopes your Friendsgiving turns out well!


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