Doggos of UIUC: October 2017

By Clare Kocher





Breed: King Charles Cavalier/Bichon Mix

Age: Six

Favorite Snack: Tomatoes

Funny Story: During the summer, Millie’s family was stumped as to why all of the tomatoes in their garden kept disappearing, until they caught her in the act munching them off of the plant.





Breed: Border Collie Mix

Age: Five

Favorite Snack: Snap Peas

Funny Story: When Olive’s family went to Office Depot and and left her in the car for three minutes, they heard employees yelling “there’s a dog in here!” and turned around to find that Olive had jumped out of the car to find her family.





Breed: Mixed Mutt

Age: Four

Favorite Snack: Cheese and peanut butter

Funny Story: One time Pepper tried to jump into the back of her owner’s car to the front seat and her paws landed on a large iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts, which promptly exploded everywhere.





Breed: Siberian Husky

Age: Seven Weeks

Favorite Snack: Bacon-flavored NylaBone

Funny Story: Prancing around like a pony is one of Lilah’s favroite clumsy puppy activites.





Breed: Beagle

Age: Twelve

Favorite Snack: Cookies of any kind

Funny Story: Tigger is an excellent singer, and if someone sings a scale, Tigger will sing the last note perfectly on pitch.




All images courtesy of Clare Kocher




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