YouTubers of the Month: October 2017

By Indira Midha


I’ve recently gotten back into YouTube videos, so here are three of my favorite channels to watch!


1) Michelle Reed


Credit: Instagram


Michelle Reed is a lifestyle, fashion, and beauty YouTuber. While I don’t really watch channels of this nature anymore, Michelle just has such a wholesome personality – it’s hard to stop watching her once you start. I love her fashion sense and makeup tips, but she also does great videos on healthy living. She incorporates the fact that she lives in New York City into a lot of her fashion and lifestyle videos. She also has a fun vlog channel that shows you even more of New York City during the school year, and a bit of the Dallas-Fort Worth area during the summer, where she resides with her family.


Her Channel:

Favorite Video:



2) Bhangra Empire


Credit: Instagram


Bhangra Empire is a channel that takes pop hits and mashes them up with Punjabi music and strong Bhangra beats. Bhangra is a dance that is local to the region of Punjab in India, often referred to as the Texas of India. Since college Bhangra has become a very popular thing among Indian students in the United States and these kinds of videos go viral on Twitter often. I love using these dance routines as workouts (trust me, trying to keep up with their choreography is good cardio).


Their Channel:

Favorite Video: 



3) Will Darbyshire


Credit: Instagram


I love Will’s channel because his pieces are creative short films that eloquently express a feeling in a matter of minutes. I also really enjoy the videos he makes with his girlfriend, fellow YouTuber Arden Rose.


His Channel:

Favorite Video: 





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