UIUC Student Fashion: October 2017

By Yuhan Ma


It is the end of summer and beginning of fall again on campus! Personally, this is always my favorite time of year. Not only is it the most comfortable weather, it is also the perfect time to show off your style! Dresses, pants, knits or stretch coats – almost everything goes along with the season. Here are some great outfits found from students on campus, and we hope you get inspired by them. Great outfits can always make your day, even if it’s a day packed with classes!




First we have Ms. Cat, who we ran into on Green Street. She is wearing a navy blouse from C&A, grey pants from Uniqlo, and a light blue coat from Zara. I think the best part about this outfit is the consistency. Using colors from the same scheme but having some variation between items, Ms. Cat’s outfit feels comfortable but not boring. A thin coat is also great for the season, especially when it gets windy. And a pair of white sneakers goes with any outfit, definitely a must-have for your collection. Ms. Cat got hers from Keds.





Next we have a girl who prefers Japanese-style fashion. Rongxue is wearing a really unique blouse that she got when she was abroad. It is short in the front and very long in the back. She matched her blouse with a light beige plaid midi skirt from DAKS, which is super cute and better suited for the windy weather. Her white canvas bag is from Theatre Products, and her Dr. Martin shoes also match her outfit perfectly. Overall, this is a very simple but sweet look, and the colors reminds me of cookies n’ cream! Who couldn’t resist the enjoyable taste of cookies n’ cream?





Candy is still enjoying her last days of summer with a stylish summer look! She is wearing an off-the-shoulder striped blouse from Ragstock and a pair of shorts from American Eagle. I believe every girl has an off-the-shoulder item in her closet, since the style has been popular for a while now. Oversized earrings always complement something off-the-shoulder. She also has pair of sunglasses from Ray-Ban, and her bag is very unique in terms of shape and style. Candy said she got it when she was in Spain.





Next we have a vintage-style look from Daisy. Both her striped shirt and khaki plaid pants are from Caves Collect, and her white sneakers are from Veja. I think khaki green is a great color for fall, and the high-waisted design of her pants really pushes up her waist-line, making her legs look straight and long. She matched her outfit with a red shoulder bag from Manu Atelier, and this brand has been very popular among models and celebrities! The color of the bag really stands out, creating nice contrast with the other colors. This is an easy, casual look that you should definitely try out if you haven’t already!





If you are a Lolita girl like Heather, you will love the pretty dress she’s wearing. She got the dress from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, which is one of the most popular Lolita brands in Japan. Her white backpack is from Kipling, and she wore a pair of coral-red shoes to match her cream dress, just like the cherries on top of an ice cream cake! Fall is the perfect time to wear your gorgeous Lolita dresses if you find it a bit too warm to wear them in summer, but too cold to wear them in winter.





Leather jackets are another must-have fashion item for fall. Julia’s jacket is from Free People, and she’s wearing a Brandy Melville denim shirt underneath. On the bottom she chose a pair of white and blue striped pants to balance out the dark color of the top, making her outfit look fresh and not too heavy. Her fluffy crossbody bag brings more autumn elements into her look. Finally, her sneakers are from the very popular Adidas Stan Smith collection. Using colors like blue, white and pink for contrast, Julia tell us that leather jackets are not for cool girls only. They can also be sweet and fun!





Here’s another look using a leather jacket, but in a completely different style. To match her oversized jacket, Diana chose a grey sweater from H&M, black pants from Hollister and a pair of ankle boots. The black choker also makes her look just perfect, because black is one color that never goes off trend. And if you are in the mood for an all-black look, don’t forget to throw on your red lipstick! Red lips are always the best friend of all-black outfit.




All images courtesy of Yuhan Ma



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