Why Fall is the Best Season

By Carmen Castillo


Fall is definitely the best season, hands down. If you don’t agree, here are 10 reasons why this season is obviously the best time of year.


1.) Sweater Weather


Credit: Odyssey


Who doesn’t love wearing warm, comfy sweaters? Even dogs are getting ready for the fall!


2.) Halloween (Costumes, Candy, etc.)


Credit: Wonderopolis


Halloween can be scary for some, but you can dress up as whoever or whatever you want. Not only that, but free candy! Who doesn’t love free candy?


3.) Pumpkins


Credit: peeinn.com


Pumpkins are the perfect decorations for Halloween. You can easily put one on your porch and say that you “decorated.” The best part, however, is that you can carve them and show your creative side.


4.) Camping, S’mores


Credit: Psi Omega Fraternity (UM)


Camping is always the best, but it is even better in the fall. Nothing beats enjoying the outdoors when it’s cool out, sitting at a bonfire while making s’mores with your friends or loved ones. Life doesn’t get any better than that.


5.) Colorful Leaves


Credit: Wonderopolis


This one needs no explanation. Look at how pretty they are!


6.) Hot Chocolate, Cookies, & Pumpkin Spice


Credit: Something Swanky


Fall is the perfect time to stay under the covers and read while drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies, or drinking that pumpkin spice latte you love.


7.) Thanksgiving


Homemade Turkey Thanksgiving Dinner
Credit: The Original Thanksgiving


Halloween is right around the corner, but you also can’t forget about Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is great because you get to spend time with your family while pigging out, and no one can tell you that you’ve eaten too much.


8.) Movies (Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, etc.)


Credit: Tumblr


Some of the best movies are holiday movies: they definitely get you excited for the season and never get old. Now is best time to watch Halloween films, such as Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, and Twitches.


9.) Fall Decor (Lights, Candles, etc.)


Credit: Inšpirácie


Pumpkins are not the only fall decorations! Lights can easily make your apartment or dorm more homey and fun. Candles can also help make things cozy, with tons of autumn scents to help bring out those “fall feels.”


10.) Fall Break


Credit: Riddle Life Florida


We all need some time off before classes end and finals week begins. Make sure to take some time for yourself this fall break, and do things that you enjoy while preparing for the end of the semester.





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