The Restaurants Champaign Needs

By Mea Donnelly


The perks of being back on campus are the friends, the social life and the food. As great as the campus restaurants are, however, a few are still missing. It would be great if these four places to eat were here:


WilFront new
Credit: Walker Bros.


1. Walker Brothers. Walker Brothers is the absolute best place to get pancakes. From their corn cereal encrusted French toast to their apple pancakes, every single dish is guaranteed to keep you wanting more. Just imagine being able to go there on Sunday morning after a typical Saturday night – that is just paradise.


Credit: Trip Advisor


2. Wildfire. Yes, Champaign has steakhouses, but it doesn’t have Wildfire. Wildfire is a guarantee for a delicious steak, one with the perfect amount of tenderness. With Wildfire, Illini dates would get a lot nicer (and more expensive!) so maybe it’s best we don’t have this on campus.


Credit: Lou Malnati’s


3. Lou Malnati’s. Lou Malnati’s is good Chicago pizza – ask anyone from the Chicago area. Champaign does have Giordano’s, but it doesn’t compare to Lou’s. Lou’s has the tomatoes cut up perfectly, the cheese melts perfectly, and the crust has the right amount of crunch. Just picture getting one of these bad boys delivered to your dorm!




4. Portillo’s. Portillo’s is a Chicago classic. The hot hogs, the fries, the chocolate cake shake… oh wait, this suburban favorite already made its way down to Champaign!


So there you have it, Illini, the three restaurants that Champaign needs and the one it was blessed to get.





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