Style Guide: Bandanas

By Indira Midha


Bandanas have become a must-have accessory this season. This is awesome news for college students on a budget, since you can purchase them anywhere like Walmart or Target for 99 cents. Here are my suggestions for how to wear them.


1.) “Flight Attendant” Necktie


Credit: Pinterest


I love this one because it adds a touch of classic elegance to any look with minimal effort. I enjoy pairing red bandanas tied like this with a plain white tee and ripped jeans for a casual look, or with a black faux-leather jacket over a dress for more of a dressed-up-rocker kind of look.


2.) Western Around-the-Neck Triangular Scarf


Credit: Leto Wholesale


This one is quite simple, but it works nicely as a casual touch of accessory. I like pairing this with a solid-colored swing dress and a messy ponytail for a festival kind of outfit.


3.) Simple Thick Headband


Credit: Wanelo 


I like wearing bandanas like this with athletic or athleisure outfits. This is probably because we wore our bandanas like this for marching band and tennis in high school. I like pairing this headband style with a solid-colored sweatshirt, leggings, and Converse. It’s a simple, comfy outfit, and adding the headband to a messy bun makes it look effortlessly put together (and if you have curly hair like me, it helps keep the baby curls under control!)


4.) Rosie the Riveter Bow-Style


Credit: tobiGhana


I also like wearing this in more casual contexts, but I think pairing a red bandana in this style with a denim shirt makes for a super confident outfit. I usually go for a pair of black leggings with this look, so it’s pretty comfy. Adding the bow to the headband adds a bit more detail, so this can be an age-appropriate way to spice up your messy bun.


5.) Extra Flair for Your Bag


Credit: Pinterest


This one is cool for when your outfit is solid and simple, but you want the overall look to have a bit of a pop. I recommend staying away from doing this with printed bags, just because I think it would be too busy to mix prints in such a small amount of space. But if you’re daring with prints – by all means go for it, my friend!





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