How to Make Your Microwave Your Best Friend

By Rachel King


Almost everyone can agree that college is one of the highlights of life, but there are definitely some drawbacks. Among them are wasting long hours cramming only to receive a less-than-ideal grade, walking marathons just to get from one class to another, and the fact that everything costs money.

The most painful thing of all, however, is being forced to depart from Mom’s quality home-cooked meals. This leaves college students resorting to the limited microwave, but with this innovative list of recipe ideas, we will be able to master both microwaveable meals and treats.




Credit: Ready Set Eat


1.) Oatmeal. Perfect for a chilly autumn day, this fiber-packed dish will start your day off in the best way. Top it with honey, cinnamon, brown sugar or almond butter for a personal spin.

2.) Scrambled eggs. That’s right, it can be done! Simply crack and whisk the egg in a mug, add in any extras you’re craving, cover the mug with a paper towel and pop it in the microwave. In 45 seconds, voila! You have a semi-gourmet breakfast.

3.) Frozen waffles or pancakes. It’s not the same as freshly made waffles or pancakes, but it gets the job done. They can be fancified with whipped cream, fresh fruit, chocolate chips or even peanut butter, if you’re into that (I am).



Real Food


Credit: College Recipes


1.) Ramen. You had to anticipate this would be on the list. Cheap, convenient and quick – what more could a college student ask for?

2.) Mac and cheese. There is a bit of flexibility here in that you could be ambitious, buy the raw pasta and cook it in the microwave yourself, topping with assorted cheeses when the pasta is soft, or you could be lazy and buy the pre-made mac and cheese bowls. Either way, you’re in for a tasty treat that never fails to impress.

3.) Quesadillas. With only two ingredients, these are so easy to put together and great to take on the go if you’re in a hurry. I recommend dipping them in hot sauce for a little extra kick.



Guilty Pleasures


Credit: Odyssey and Kraft, respectively 


1.) Pizza rolls. There’s nothing else you would rather have as a study break snack. Use them as an incentive to help you power through that dreaded textbook reading.

2.) Popcorn. This movie night favorite can be dressed with a variety of toppings to cater to your sweet or savory needs. Go crazy with the butter, cheese, chocolate chips, or all three – we won’t judge.

3.) Cheesy crackers. If you can sprinkle some cheese on crackers, then you’ve already got this recipe down. For some variety, change up the types of crackers and cheese you use each time. You can also pile on the meats, veggies and condiments for a heartier option.

4.) Mug cakes. Varying from the mug brownie to the chocolate chip cookie in a cup, mug cakes are the ideal dessert for a party of one. Though they require a little more effort and ingredients to assemble, they always delight and are a simple way to try a small portion of something new every night.




Featured image is from Instructables


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