REVIEW: Sense8

By Melanie Smith




What I would call a hidden gem in Netflix’s plethora of television shows is no other than the remarkable Sense8. If you want to watch something that is moving and impactful, this show should definitely be on your watch-list. It is a drama/mystery/sci-fi show with two full seasons and twenty-three episodes total. The show was, sadly, cancelled after two seasons but has a two hour series finale special airing in 2018 because of the dedicated and passionate fans who turned to social media after the cancellation to express their distraught feelings over the show ending. Even though the series has only two seasons on Netflix, this show is perfect if you are looking for something short to squeeze in an episode or two between classes, while you eat, or before bed.

Sense8 is about eight adults who live all around the world and are linked mentally. These eight are being hunted by a group of people who view them as a threat to society. The characters can often “sense” each other and appear where the other person is. They do not know that they are connected mentally at first, but then discover their unique situation. It is a hard concept to grasp, but once you start watching it comes to gradually make sense.

The protagonists are Capheus “Van Damme,” who is a matatu driver in Nairobi; Sun Bak, an extremely talented kickboxer in South Korea; Nomi Marks, a political blogger and hacktivist in San Francisco; Kala, a pharmacist in Mumbai; Riley Blue, an Icelandic DJ living in London; Wolfgang, a locksmith and safe-cracker from Berlin; Lito, who is an actor living in Mexico City; and Will Gorski, a Chicago police officer.

There are so many cultures being represented throughout the plot, and the show serves as an activist platform for the LGBTQ+ community with two LGBTQ+ main characters. There is action, romance, drama, and so much more. The show really depicts how friends can become more like family. The characters start as complete strangers who then form an extremely close bond and support each other like a family should. If you are unsure of what to watch next on Netflix, I highly recommend giving Sense8 a watch.


Credit: Fanpop






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