REVIEW: Bad Moms

By Kelli Walker


Comedy movies always have a way of brightening your day with unforgettable laughter: Bad Moms is no different. Despite the name, you don’t have to be a mother to enjoy watching this movie. In fact, because of the way that the movie is set up, non-moms are likely to fall in love with it.


Credit: Flixster


For fans of the Mean Girls franchise, meet Mean Girls 2.5 (with kids)! This film blends hilarity with relatability by providing you with real-life circumstances that you will eventually encounter in your own life, as well as reminding you not to lose yourself in the process. If you’re someone who enjoys the party scene and hanging out with your friends, this movie can be your transitioning guide between college and motherhood. With the typical “mean girls” (or moms) trying to run the school, you can follow their journey as they navigate the turbulent waters of making the right decisions for themselves as women, as well as being appropriate role models for their children.

Every character is relatable and funny on their own, just like each person is different in their own way. Despite the difference in these women’s personalities and parenting styles, their love for their children is never doubted. Many books can guide you through the experiences you may endure, but the best guide for transitioning into motherhood, as demonstrated by this film, is the experience itself and just learning as you go.  

If you enjoyed the first Bad Moms, then you should be on the lookout for A Bad Moms Christmas, the sequel expected to be released on November 1st, 2017! 




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