How to Look Cute and Classy on Halloween

By Kelli Walker


Some people may associate the word “sexy” with revealing clothing and makeup. However, sexy is just part of being confident and there aren’t certain things you have to wear in order to achieve it. Therefore, for this Halloween, The Spread is going to teach you how to grab people’s attention by looking “cute and classy” instead!


Credit: Pinterest


Were there any cartoons you used to watch faithfully when you were younger Halloween is the perfect time to bring these shows back to life. There are so many eye-catching characters to admire!


Super women always come to the rescue!


Credit: Pinterest


There are a lot of female superheroes out saving the world. You can swap your uniform for Catwoman if you are one with “claws,” Usagi from Sailor Moon, the Powerpuff Girls, Kim Possible, and more. Some female superheroes don’t even wear a cape, but they still take names and kick butt!


Let me tell you about Rosie the Riveter.


Credit: The Independent


This iconic picture will forever be remembered in history, by representing all the hardworking women in the world who took over during WWII and haven’t stopped since. So if you don’t want to spend a lot on a costume, then wear something you already own while keeping it cute and classy!


Anything you can do, I can do better!


Credit: Pinterest


Who said movies or TV characters are only for professional actors and actresses? Let’s challenge real Hollywood stars by playing their part for the night. There are countless of films and TV shows with great costume selections, such as The Great Gatsby, Harry Potter, Grease, Scream Queens, and more. So grab your closest friends and prove to the directors that they should give you a call if anyone is thinking about making a sequel!



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