What this Summer has Taught Me (So Far)

By Madison Gillespie


Credit: Tumblr


Ah, summertime- the blissful three-month stretch of endless sunshine and bottomless pints of ice cream. It is the perfect time to relax between semesters and prepare for the upcoming school year, all while sipping your favorite icy beverage atop a unicorn pool floatie. But that’s not to say the summer doesn’t offer some valuable lessons as well. Aside from more obvious points, like not forgetting to put on sunscreen, there are also some deeper takeaways from the summer that can be applied any day, any time of year. Here are three lessons I have learned during this summer, so far:


1.) There is no one “right” way to spend your time.


Credit: gabWorthy.com


The internship season is certainly real right now. Many of your friends and peers likely have them- it’s possible that you have one, too. And if you do, that’s great! It‘s a proud achievement to get a job in your field of interest and progress your career. But that being said, not everyone will get an internship, and that’s okay! Summer jobs, such as bagging groceries, lifeguarding at the local pool or nannying, still showcase your work ethic and offer their own valuable skills. Volunteering in your community reveals your dedication to helping others. And undertaking any sort of personal project highlights your passions. So update your blog, start writing a novel or poetry, or create some artwork. As long as you spend your summer doing what you love, you’ll be on track to impress recruiters.


2.) Focus on the beauty around you.


Credit: Tumblr


It’s easy to get caught up in social media over the summer, especially when there is ample free time to check it. Snapchat, Facebook, VSCO and Instagram offer tantalizing glimpses into everyone’s summer adventures, and before you know it, you’ve burned up five hours Facebook stalking a friend of a friend’s vacation albums and senselessly clicking through Daily Mail’s Snap story. That’s why it is important to keep your social media indulgences brief this summer. Occasionally updating your Snapchat and Instagram stories is fine, but make sure your main focus is not on plastering filters and stickers on your mouthwatering plate of food, but instead on savoring the meal and the company of whoever you’re eating with. Take photographs to document your travels, but don’t base your shots on what will get the most likes online. Have fun, live in the moment, and make sure you have as many “mental pictures” as you do images on your camera roll. The summer will come and go, but your phone will always still be here – so spend your time hiding behind some sunglasses instead of a screen.


3.) Always be open to new opportunities.


Credit: Pinterest


No matter what your schedule looks like, the summer is full of adventures just waiting to be discovered. If you have an opportunity to take initiative in your internship, do it. If your friends are planning a road trip, pack your bags, pop a mix CD into the stereo and see where the highways take you. There is still over a month before classes start, so push yourself out of your comfort zone and try as many new things as you can. The summer is your canvas; paint yourself a masterpiece.




Featured image is from Tumblr

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