YouTubers of the Month: May 2017

By Madison Gillespie


Tired of re-watching the same videos over and over again? Just looking for some new content? If so, you have come to the right place. From musicians to DIY experts, these are the top YouTubers for May.


Annika Victoria


137 videos
592,208 subscribers


If you love to make your own clothing, are obsessed with DIY fashion or are interested in improving your sewing skills, Annika’s channel is for you. She joined YouTube in 2013 after her fashion blog, The Pineneedle Collective rose in popularity, and is also a proud supporter of upcycled and recycled clothes. While she has many great videos, her “Make Thrift Buy” series is my favorite. In this series, Annika recreates famous or popular items of clothing using thrifted items or things she already owns, as requested by viewers. Below you can find a recent episode of Make Thrift Buy (there are 53 total!) to see her take on Topshop’s infamous clear-knee mom jeans:




Sammi Quinn


76 videos
63,522 subscribers


A lover of vintage and retro fashion, Sammi Quinn is the YouTuber to watch for lookbooks, hauls, style guides, and beauty videos. While fashion is the main focus of her channel, Sammi also makes advice videos, Q&A’s, current favorites videos and more. Her content has a dreamy, nostalgic sort of feel and her outfits look fresh off the pages of a 1950’s issue of Vogue. Here is one of her older videos, which I believe sums up her aesthetic pretty well:




Lexie Lombard


221 videos
434,426 subscribers


Lexie Lombard is an up-and-coming YouTube star. She has lived all over the United States, having recently moved from LA to New York, but has also traveled the world to obtain content for her videos. She is extremely chill, a lover of the environment and recently came out with her own apparel, including the sweatshirt she’s wearing above. Although her videos appeal to older audiences too, Lexie’s “What High Schoolers are Actually Wearing” series is what initially drew me in to her channel. In this series, Lexie goes to high schools around the world to get a fresh perspective on teenage style. I have never seen another series quite like it, and a number of spinoffs appeared on YouTube as the series grew in popularity.




Dodie Clark (doddleoddle)


146 videos
1,026,886 subscribers


A cute and quirky singer, songwriter and vlogger with two channels to her name (you can check out her vlog channel here), Dodie will surely bring a smile to your face. She posts original music and song covers to her main channel, and her first EP, Intertwined, was released in November. Her voice is very delicate and airy and reminds me of Birdy. If you’re in need of some new music, definitely give her a listen! Below is a cover of “Someone in the Crowd” from the movie La La Land (definitely go watch it if you haven’t already) by Dodie and her friends.




Meghan Hughes


337 videos
422,116 subscribers


Meghan is one of my all-time favorite YouTubers; she is very down-to-earth and has the total “cool older sister you never had” vibe. She has several great series to check out, from her Pizza Talks with other YouTubers to her fashion lookbooks – she has the best thrifty/bohemian style – to her Big Sis Advice series, which is one of my personal favorites. Below you’ll find a recent advice-type video from Meghan that I think anyone can benefit from, regardless of age.




Bethany Mota


455 videos
10,343,661 subscribers


Bethany has made a name for herself in her eight years on YouTube. She’s designed multiple clothing lines for Aeropostale, created a custom school supplies collection for Target, appeared on season 19 of Dancing With the Stars, was a guest on the Ellen Degeneres Show, has written two original songs and published her first book, Make Your Mind Up, this past March! Beth usually uploads at least one new video per week on almost any topic you can imagine. Whether it be funny/relatable content, recipes, lookbooks, health tips, shopping hauls, routines, DIYs or beauty videos, Bethany’s done it all – and her infectious smile and personality will likely turn you into a Motavator (the name of her fan base) before you’ve even clicked Subscribe. Since Beth’s DIYs are some of my favorite videos to watch, I linked her most recent one:




Krist Yu (kristsoup)


102 videos
503,142 subscribers


I recently discovered Krist’s channel, and she made this month’s list because I’m already obsessed with her videos. Like many of the other YouTubers discussed here, Krist’s videos span a wide and unique set of topics. Her taste test series and advice videos are immensely popular and she has also made some short films; her self-portrait video is cute and extremely creative, so I would recommend watching it first. Out of all her videos, her advice segments continue to be my favorite, so I’ve linked one of them for you to watch; I hope it proves to be helpful for you as well!




Safiya Nygaard


38 videos
1,696,966 subscribers


If you’re an avid fan of Buzzfeed, this YouTuber will likely be a familiar face. While she is no longer with them, Safiya (also known as Saf) made a name for herself on Buzzfeed through her hit series “Ladylike.” Now that she is focusing on YouTube full time, Safiya uploads pretty regularly – roughly three times per week – and documents all sorts of her fun adventures, some of which involve her boyfriend, Tyler, or her adorable cat Crusty. Whether she’s testing out beauty, clothing or food products, trying out the latest Instagram trends or putting a fresh twist on YouTube challenges, Saf’s channel will surely steal away your free time. Below I linked one of her recent videos, in which she purchases items recommended to her in sponsored Facebook ads:




Madilyn Bailey


173 videos
3,619,326 subscribers


If you love listening to cover artists, you should definitely check out Madilyn’s channel and hauntingly beautiful voice. While the primary focus of her channel is song covers, Madilyn has also released some original music of her own in the form of “Wiser,” her first EP which dropped last July. Madilyn has done a great job of evolving her style over the years; her recent videos have a cool, icy sort of aesthetic that is just so visually appealing. Watch her cover of “Rockabye” by Clean Bandit, and I think you’ll see what I mean:





*Video and subscriber counts last updated April 22, 2017. Numbers may vary as of date of publication.

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 All YouTube videos belong to their respective creators.



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