Welcome to the May Issue: Honoring JAMS Seniors

Dear Readers,


We have officially made it to the end of the semester! Finals week is almost here, and so is the highly anticipated release for summer break. Soon we will leave our dorms and apartments for the comfort of our rooms back home, reconnecting with loved ones and preparing for vacations, summer jobs, and internships. And for some students, this month signals the beginning of the next chapter of their lives.

UIUC’s 2017 graduating class has left its mark on campus, and some of these students have undoubtedly made an impact on our RSO. JAMS would not be the organization it is today without its many talented seniors, so that is why for our final issue of the semester, we want to send them off with a smile. Let’s introduce our current seniors and discover what they have learned from the U of I:


Freshman Year – Senior Year
Evan Borden
Head of BluePrint Advertising
JAMS Member since 2015


“The University of Illinois has been an ideal setting for me to grow as both a student and a professional. Even more so, the university has introduced me to some of the most compassionate and driven individuals this world has to offer. These same individuals are the future leaders of society, and it brings me comfort knowing that they, like myself, will owe a lot of what they accomplish to the University of Illinois.”



Freshman Year – Senior Year
Vanessa Herrera
Staff Writer for The Spread
JAMS Member since 2014


“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”  – Vivian Green

“College is hard. You don’t need fancy words or a long paragraph to describe the rollercoaster ride it is. There will be difficult days where all you want to do is curl up like a burrito. But throughout college, you learn that life goes on no matter what. So cherish each moment and see the silver lining to each problem, because in the blink of an eye, the present will become a memory.”



Freshman Year – Senior Year
Lauren Hicks
Producer and Anchor for SeeYou Weekly
JAMS Member since 2014


“I am forever grateful for the people I met, the opportunities I have experienced, and the chance to be part of the orange and blue these past four years. What feels like the end is only the beginning and now a new adventure awaits.”



Freshman Year – Senior Year
Rachel Lenoci
Producer and Anchor for SeeYou Weekly
JAMS Member since 2014


“If I had to choose a quote I have learned to be true throughout my four years of college, it is that ‘everything happens for a reason.’ I know it’s really cliché, however I know everything will work out how it’s supposed to, even if it may not seem like it at the time. My advice would be to enjoy your time here because wow, it goes by fast! Time management is key so you can get your work done but still enjoy time hanging out with your friends.”



Freshman Year – Senior Year
Ada Li
Pop Culture Editor for The Spread
JAMS Member since 2014


“People say that high school will be the hardest four years of your life as a student; college is no different. Freshman year was the year of exploration, frolicking with time, being friends with everyone, and new beginnings. Sophomore year was about settling in, awkward encounters, turbulences in friendships and dipping my toes in the party scene. Junior year was about moving into my first apartment, losing track of time, getting back into art, feeling alone and letting go. Senior year was all about reevaluating my life decisions, job hunting, mentally checking out and feeling old but still desperately trying to squeeze in the last drops of fun before adulting. Whether your college journey resembles mine or not, my advice for you is to be unapologetically loud and obnoxious. Go outside your comfort zone. Raise your voice, and not just your glass. Say no, but also learn to say yes. Make mistakes and fail, and then fail some more. But most importantly, live with no regrets, not even for a moment.”



We could not be more grateful for what our seniors have done for JAMS. I wish you all the best of luck with your careers, and I hope you enjoy your remaining weeks on campus before graduation. As for our other readers, I hope this piece has inspired you to make the most of your time as students. You will be in this same position before you know it, so make your college experience truly something to remember!

From The Spread family to you, good luck on your finals and have a fun, relaxing summer! And once again, seniors, thank you so much for being part of JAMS. You may be leaving the orange and blue behind, but your legacies will stay with us for years to come.



Madison Gillespie, Editor-In-Chief


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