Top Five Visually Appealing Movies

By Tajah Ware


Have you ever thought to yourself, Wow, this cinematography is amazing… or I love the way the director captured such beautiful sequences, while watching a movie? I have been an avid film lover for 17 years, and there are only a few movies that have stunned me with their visual appeal.


1.) The Great Gatsby




This film blew me away with its diverse and colorful 1920’s opulence. From the dramatic parties filled with dancers and fireworks to Gatsby’s striking mansion, cars and gardens, The Great Gatsby is one for the books with its alluring visual appeal.


2.) Harry Potter




Anyone who has ever, and I mean ever, watched a Potter film knows how magical they are. From the elaborately lit dining halls, intertwining staircases, Rococo paintings that come to life and gothic-style hallways, Harry Potter’s stunning scenes only enhance all the magic going on around Hogwarts.


3.) Dope




From the retro ’90s outfits and hip-hop to the semi-nerdy outlook on what it’s like growing up in the hood in today’s world, Dope is filled with colorful eccentricity and dynamic characters. From “The Bottoms” of California, Dope is a true work of visual art.


4.) Dark Shadows




I don’t think any of Tim Burton’s films genuinely lack visual appeal. However, Dark Shadows doesn’t nearly get enough credit for its cinematography. Besides the fact that the ever-alluring Johnny Depp is in the film, the movie’s stark contrast between Gothic aesthetics and hints of color makes it a visual delicacy.


5 .) The Secret Life of Walter Mitty




From the super crisp mountain scenes to the shots of New York City, the detail and beauty captured in this movie are unparalleled.


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