GALLERY: Neon + Green Street

By Jack Coombs


Green Street could be considered the “Main Street” of U of I’s campus. There you can find a variety of restaurants, clothing stores, bars and even a florist. When the sun goes down, the neon signs come up, and there are many. Below is a small gallery showcasing some of Green Street’s best neon. Be careful, it’s about to get “lit!”



green st

On Green Street, you may have trouble finding a sign that isn’t neon. Even the street signs are neon!




Every open restaurant has a fancy neon sign lighting up the streets below.




The new Cracked restaurant showing off its cool logo.




The giant Chipotle pepper clearly outshines the Noodles logo underneath.




Although not neon, Alma Mater is always lit up at night.



The University of Illinois’ campus has a fantastic night life scene, so there must be great neon signs to light the way to your favorite establishments. Get out there and enjoy Green Street, any hour of the day.



Image Sources:

All photographs courtesy of Jack Coombs

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