GALLERY: My Favorite Photos from Freshman Year

By Jack Coombs


To wrap up my first year taking photos for The Spread and my freshman year at the University of Illinois, I thought it would be appropriate to compile a gallery of some of my favorite photos from these past two semesters. Below is a set of 10 pictures I have taken throughout the year. Hope you enjoy!



I took this photo for a Spread gallery showing the campus turning from summer into fall. It shows Amory Ave. during a peak student traffic time.




This picture was taken while on my spring break service trip in North Carolina. I found this old truck and decided to try out some long exposure at night.



chicken burrito maize

I like this photo because it makes this Maize burrito look really tasty. If you haven’t yet been to Maize on First and Green, I highly recommend it.



album cover

A friend of mine was releasing an EP and wanted me to take an album cover for him. No train tracks were harmed in the taking of this picture.



fall quad

U of I’s Main Quad looks gorgeous in the fall, with the trees changing colors and the grass still green. This was taken from the steps of Foellinger Auditorium.



Feb Quad

This picture of the Quad was taken a few months later in February. The quad didn’t look especially nice, but the amount of people out enjoying the unusual warm weather was something worth capturing.



Lincoln Hall

I got a little lens flare in this picture of Lincoln Hall, since the sun was creeping over the roof at just the right time.



nat and jack

My girlfriend came to visit me during the fall, so we decided to go out to the Arboretum for a photoshoot.



pro pic

My girlfriend took this picture of me during our shoot. Let’s just say it became my Facebook profile picture, and my friends have not let me live it down.




Another photo from my service trip. This panorama showcases the odd beauty of a manmade waterfall.

I’ve had a blast taking pictures for The Spread this year, and you can be sure to see more pictures of mine next year. Thanks U of I, and have a great summer!



Image Sources:

All photographs courtesy of Jack Coombs

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