Finals as Told by The Office

By Vanessa Herrera


It’s that time of year again: FINAL EXAMS. Though break is right around the corner, we’re stuck enduring a few more weeks of pain and torture. For some, finals are just a hassle and scoring low isn’t a problem. But let’s be real – sometimes finals are the last resort for saving your grade, and thus, the evil cycle of studying begins.




Brace Yourself: Final Exams are Approaching

The dreadful time has come to say goodbye to fun and hello to books. Though it’s only for a few days, you’ll find yourself withering away at the library or in a place with free Wi-Fi and outlets.




Time to Get PUMPED!

It’s time to give yourself little motivational speeches. You look at your studying schedule and realize it’s not so bad. You tell yourself you can do this. If you were able to survive a whole semester of chaos, what’s a few more days?




Claiming Your Territory

Everyone knows that in order to successfully study, you first have to find your studying kingdom. This means access to first world resources and food. But finals week turns into the Hunger Games; finding a place with basic necessities becomes a territorial game.




Becoming Your Own Professor

Motivation is high until you realize you know NOTHING. Maybe the professor is playing a prank on your class by introducing a semester’s worth of new information. Or maybe your online shopping habits replaced the PowerPoint slides. Whatever the case, you have to learn and study months of information in only a few days.




Can’t… Go… On…

Each day you lose more and more motivation and energy to keep studying. The first few hours in, you want to hit the hay rather than the books. Suddenly losing energy through working out sounds like a better option than studying.




Oooh, a Butterfly!

Procrastination is inevitable. No matter how hard you try, you find yourself distracted by the simplest things. In reality, you need those little small breaks in order to actually retain information. But that doesn’t mean you should take long breaks to watch a whole season of The Office.




The Feels

After a blissful moment of procrastination, you realize how much time you actually wasted. Sleep no longer fits in your schedule so you prep yourself with energizing drinks. Throughout the night, you have mini breakdowns, wondering if it’s all worth it.




Food is Bae

You might not have time for sleep, but there’s always time for food. Being healthy doesn’t cross your mind during this dark week, leading you to eat more junk food throughout the day. So don’t feel bad for eating ice cream in the morning; at least you’re eating.


Ice Cream


Exam Fashion

Let’s be honest, nobody wants to get up and get ready according to society’s standards. College students follow different standards, which means looking like a zombie is totally in season. So as long as you’re showering, you’re Gucci.


Looking Great


A Minute to Save Your Grade

The hour before an exam is the most crucial time for many students. You speed-read through your notes and try to retain new information from the Quizlet study guide. This holy hour is the only time you’ll find yourself the least distracted.




It’s Bubble Time

Time to bubble in those answers! The cold truth of the universe is that either you know it or you don’t. So there’s no need to sweat it during the exam. Just follow your gut and hope for the best. And NEVER change your answer unless you’re 100% sure; your first instincts typically knows what’s up. So go in there with your brave face and bubble in your goodbyes to the class.


Brave Face


Storytime: Wisdom from the Streets

If you’re particularly unlucky, your exams might consist of essays. The logic of writing essays within a few hours is absolutely absurd, especially when your professor was preaching about not waiting until the last minute to write an essay. What’s even more dreadful is either not knowing how to answer the question or filling in space. Hopefully your professor will appreciate the art they are about to read, because the wisdom didn’t come from the class but from the streets.


No idea



Maybe you failed some exams, maybe you managed to pass – but what you care about the most is that you’re finally done. After the last exam, all you want to do is sleep or jump for joy. Throw those notes up in the air like you just don’t care and dance.





Thank you




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