Doggos of UIUC: April

By Indira Midha


Welcome to The Spread’s newest segment, Doggos of UIUC! Each issue, we will feature some furry friends that we find on the Main Quad. For those who are fortunate enough to have a pet, having to be away from that pet is one of the hardest parts of college. Seeing cute puppies out on walks or playing with their owners can instantly make your day. We hope you enjoy meeting Rocky, Fendi, Chili and Daisy, our new friends of the month!




Age: 1
Breed: Half Schnauzer and half Yorkshire Terrier, often called a “Schnorkie”
Fun Fact About Her:  She is very loyal – she waits by the door when her owner comes back from class and does not go to sleep until her owner does.




Fendi and Chili

Ages: 5 (Chili), 4 (Fendi)
Breed: Bernese Mountain Dogs
Fun Fact About Them: Fendi used to perform agility exercises and Chili gave birth to a litter of puppies.





Age: ?
Breed: Beagle mix
Fun Fact About Him: He enjoys going for runs with his owner!




Image Sources:

All images courtesy of Indira Midha

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