The Reign of Rainy-Day Style

By Jane Lee


The common phrase “April showers bring May flowers” has quickly become reality. Spring is the season of nature’s fragrances, lush greenery, longer hours of daylight and the drizzling rain. Rainy days aren’t always a bad thing. Sometimes they’re rather refreshing and soothing, but for college students who have to travel to and from classes, rain only feels like an obstacle. Some concerns might be how to avoid frizz and tame your hair, or if the weather will require you to wear heavy rain boots all day. But first things first, put those worries aside and never surrender looking presentable to a little downpour. Here are a few looks to make gloomy weather all the better.


An Ode to “Greenery”


green boots


At the start of 2017, Pantone announced “Greenery” as its Color of the Year. Though these Hunter rain boots are more of a dark forest green, they still tie in well with the freshness of spring. As the grass and trees transition into their green suits during this rainy season, simply adding a pop of color to a neutral outfit will create a sophisticated statement.


Burst of Pink




Drizzles and downpours make the sun shy, hiding behind stormy clouds. On days like this, it’s especially stunning to accentuate any outfit with bold colors. Whether it be bright pastel pink, yellow or fuchsia, find a pair of rain boots or an umbrella to accessorize and brighten your surroundings in style.


“I Olive You”




There’s no wrong way to style olive in your wardrobe. It is a soothing color, helping to make your outfits look gentle, effortless and put together. If you do not happen to own any olive pieces, think about purchasing an olive jacket, trench coat, or even a pleated skirt this spring.


Never-Ending Stripes




Something striped is a staple in every closet. Think about it- stripes have been in the fashion realm for the longest time. On a rainy day, pair a classic, all-black pair of rain boots with a pair of jeans and a striped shirt for a casual look. For a semi-formal look, pair a striped sweater or cotton shirt with a mini or mid-length skirt. If you needed to be somewhere fancy on a rainy day, then opt for a striped dress to go with your rain boots.


There is a myriad of outfit combinations to choose from for a rainy day. Don’t let the lack of sun bring you down – instead, strut along to the pitter-patter and show off your unique style.


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