The Best On-Screen Couples

By Tajah Ware


Do you ever cringe when you decide to read an article but it starts off with a super corny quote or question? Same! I promise to never do that to you, dedicated readers. So today, I’m going to give you a list of the best on-screen couples in cinematic and television history… I hope you all are ready for this. Also, this list is not in any particular order.




Chuck and Blair

Yes, I admit that I love Gossip Girl. I’m a 21st century woman, how could I not? Gossip Girl was filled with lies, lust, drama, spoiled rich kids and L.O.V.E and I couldn’t get enough. Out of the relationships that transpired on this show, Chuck and Blair’s was the most real to me. Yes, theirs was deceitful and a lot of immaturity played out, but as they got older, a lot of that went away and all that remained was pure love. They had to learn to express this love to one another.




Dre and Sydney

Let me start off by saying that Brown Sugar is one of the most underrated films of all time. With that being said, Dre and Syd are one of my favorite cinematic couples. They met as kids in a New York park while watching a rap battle. They went on to become best friends – until they weren’t (I’m sure we all know how that goes). This is a hip-hop romance for the books.




Noah and Allie

I wouldn’t be a true romantic or cinema geek if I didn’t mention The Notebook’s unforgettable couple. Noah and Allie are real, in all aspects of the word. They fought often and knew getting together would be a lot of work, but all that work was worth it because they loved each other so much… I mean, c’mon, stop it already!




Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist

From their time spent together on Brokeback Mountain to the moments they yearned for each other when they were apart, this on-screen couple never quite figured it out, which was tragic but real. When it comes down to it, love isn’t always a fairy tale. A lot of us just fall in love and never figure things out.




Jim and Pam

Jim and Pam from The Office are a no-brainer for this list, because sometimes, even though you may love someone, the timing isn’t right – until one day, when everything just falls into place.




Monica and Quincy

Monica and Q from Love & Basketball were childhood enemies, high school acquaintances and college sweethearts. They were  constantly apart, broke up in college, and went on with their  lives – until Monica moved back home and found out Q was engaged to be married.  Insert a giant effort to get him back, where Monica played Q on the basketball court for his heart and won.



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