Romantic Ideas for Summer Road Trips

By Mea Donnelly


Summer is one of the best seasons of the year. You have so much extra time to do whatever you want, and if you are like me, adventures are definitely part of the equation. A quick date idea is a road trip with your significant other; it’s extremely fun for any couple. You guys can jam out to music and see awesome tourist spots. Here are two trip ideas (one short and one long) for you and your S/O to try out this summer.


SHORT: Illinois Wonders Trip




This road trip is super chill because it shows you what the state has to offer.  Stop by the beautiful Illinois beach State park and relax a bit. Then, the Mississippi Palisades Park, Starved Rock Park, Pomona Natural Bridge and Cache River State Park are a few more spots you can visit! Illinois may seem like a boring state, but checking out some of these places over the summer will definitely change your view.

Check out more details here:

LONG: Route 66




This road trip is for serious adventurers. The route is absolutely iconic since it’s been around for a long time. This road trip also isn’t for first-time adventurers. Route 66 is up there in age, and portions of it are much harder to drive on than others. The pavement isn’t the best in some spots, especially when potholes are involved (this is more common in the Midwest), but if you are willing to push through it will all be worth it. Route 66 has extremely unique sights throughout the entire stretch, too. In Texas you can see the “Cadillac Ranch,” which is essentially a group of Cadillacs standing up in the dirt. In Missouri, there is a giant whale you can hang out in – perfect for Instagram pictures. This road trip may be long, but is a great 10-day round-trip experience.


So there you have it, two ways to go adventuring with your S/O this summer. Happy exploring!



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