POEM: Fontana di Trevi



don’t forget about me.

your features drip slowly

from my memory,

your face a melting wax figure

because it’s been so long

since i’ve touched you.

you’re the only one in my world

that understands my mind.

let’s forget about our insecurities

and drink cheap wine,

bring a cigarette to my lips.

i hope you read my letter often,

i imagine your smile when i’m


the promises you break,

the way you isolate yourself

when you’re unsure if your heart

is right this time.

don’t forget about me

and the way you loved my eyes

facing each other under covers

when you spared me a kiss.

you kiss so softly.

throwing pennies out your tall window,

wishing on them like fountain coins

i’d press to my lips before tossing

over my shoulder.

i wished you would stay

a while longer.


Original poem by Emma Campanella

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