Little-Known Artists Playlist

By Emma Campanella


For me, discovering new artists who aren’t well-known is like finding hidden gems. I rely on music heavily on a daily basis, and finding new artists is a passion of mine. I usually keep my finds to myself, but now it’s time for them to be in the limelight.

My taste in music really varies; I can pretty much listen to anything except country, pop and heavy metal (I have an adverse reaction). But lately I’ve been really into genres like bluewave, neo-psychedelic, and funk-influenced songs that have a nice, bassy underbeat. I hope you find some new picks and get a taste of what I’ve been loving lately! You can check out our Spotify account, thespreaduiuc, to listen to this playlist and many others.

(P.S. – If you can, use earbuds or headphones. Some of the songs have stereo sound, which means different sounds go to each earbud for a really cool listening experience!)




Tirzah – No Romance

Kyle Duke and the Brown Bag Boys -Pipe Dream

Plums – Parking Lots

Ekkah – Last Chance To Dance

Jessica Lea Mayfield – Grown Man

Club Kuru – Not For Me

Helvetia – Nothing In Rambling

Dream Girl – Teenage Blue

Fool’s Gold – I’m In Love

Good Morning – Cab Deg

Swell – I’m Sorry

The Walters – I Love You So

Springtime Carnivore – Last One To Know

Boo Seeka – Kingdom Leader

Slumbers – Doboom Soom

Weird Inside – Just Ask

Palehound – Cinnamon

Chastity Belt – Seattle Party

Yellow Days – Gap In The Clouds

Jadu Heart – Warm Magic

Alexandra Savior -Shades

Future Islands – Doves

Dope Lemon – Home Soon

Wild Belle – Take Me Away

The Whitest Boy Alive – 1517

Native America – Naturally Lazy

Blood Orange – Best To You

Misun – Nobody Knows

The Snails – Big Boy

Zach Farache – Sweeterman

Blank Banshee – Ammonia Clouds

Willow – IDK

Jerry Paper – Zoom Out

Summer Salt – Tidal Waves

HOMESHAKE – She Can’t Leave Me Here Alone Tonight

Mallory Merk – Gold

Ace Tee – Bist Du Down?

Noraa – By You

Palace – Bitter

Baseball Gregg – Sad Sandra

Mesita – Living Breathing


Happy listening!



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