A Day in the Life of a UIUC Student

By Maddie Sievers


There are many things that are typical of most University of Illinois students. Whether it is places you’ll go, things you’ll eat or things you’ll do, you can count on many of these things happening during an ordinary day in the life at UIUC!






Caffeine is fuel for us college students! Whether you prefer coffee, espresso, tea, soda or energy drinks, you’re guaranteed to have more than your fair share of caffeine. Because of this, caffeine is abound on campus and there are plenty of coffee shops and cafés.


The Illini Union




The Illini Union is a hot spot for all sorts of activities! It’s the most convenient and inclusive location on the Quad, and many students find themselves here between classes to grab a quick snack or find a comfortable study spot. Between the many ballrooms, lounges and the Courtyard Café, the Union has plenty of places to study, no matter what atmosphere you prefer. The basement is also home to a nice assortment of restaurants and is great for lunch on the go.


Dining Halls




The University has 23 public residences that house almost 9,000 students, and 16 private certified housing units and 62 Greek houses which, combined, house over 6,000 students! With that in mind, chances are you’ll be eating at some sort of buffet-style dining area.


Foellinger Auditorium




Foellinger Auditorium is the largest lecture hall on campus – over 17,000 students have class in the building each week! Many popular courses, especially general education requirements taken by students of all majors, are hosted here.






No matter your major, you can count on devoting several hours each day to studying. Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming exam, writing an essay or reading required texts, there’s always something to be done!






The University of Illinois has over 1,400 registered student organizations (or RSOs). There is definitely something for everyone, whether you want to become more involved professionally, athletically, or to expand a personal hobby. There’s a strong chance you’ll be attending a weekly meeting at least once a week, if not more!



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