YouTubers of The Month

By Kelli Walker 


Everyone has their favorite go-to YouTubers, but your list can never be too long! So here are the lucky top seven YouTubers for March.


1. SmartisaBeauty – Bri Hall

 Subscribers: 441,142


SmartisaBeauty (also known as Bri Hall) isn’t a rookie to the YouTube game and her 20,000,000 views prove that. She is more than just a YouTube star, she’s your new best friend. With her channel content ranging from hair, beauty, makeup, health, and more, her message to “Be. Fearlessly. Beautiful.” will stick with you. She inspires anyone who comes across her page to be the best version of themselves and to spread that love and inspiration to others.


2. Maria Bethany  

 Subscribers: 418,416


This YouTuber will catch your eye with her makeup and fashion videos and her smile. With 11,000,000 views and counting, anyone can relate to and learn from her. If you’re looking for more info on photo editing, trendy hairdos and the latest street fashion, go check her out.


 3. Jayla Koriyan

Subscribers: 109,902


Jayla Koriyan is not your ordinary college girl. This 21-year-old has broken barriers by attending University of Maryland Eastern Shore; during  her undergrad years she studied Fashion Merchandising at FIT in New York. Her channel isn’t just about makeup and fashion, but also about inspiring others to elevate themselves. You can catch Jayla on her channel or purchase her recent book Pretty and Educated.


4. Nicole Guerriero

Subscribers: 2,769,168


Nicole Guerriero is an Italian beauty guru with over five years of content on her YouTube channel. Florida may be her home, but her skills and channel have taken her all over the country. Her amazing makeup videos have also led to her own partnered brand of lashes with Eyelure.


5. Alyssa Forever

Subscribers: 1,076,717


Alyssa Forever is a trailblazer who moved to California and truly made her mark as a newcomer. Her love of style and fashion landed her a partnership with her favorite brand, Nike. And after you watch her wide range of hair, makeup and fashion videos, you’ll completely understand how she has 69,000,000 views and counting.


6. Carli Bybel

Subscribers: 5,223,580


Carli Bybel isn’t just a YouTuber. She is also a makeup and fashion icon, and apparently clothing brands think so too: she partnered with Missguided to create her very own line! Carli may be based in New Jersey, but her videos have reached millions of screens across the globe. With a channel full of inspiration and positivity, there is no reason why this beauty guru shouldn’t have your subscription.


7. NikkieTutorials

Subscribers: 6,558,245


This beauty guru has taken the Internet by storm and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. She is known for her amazing and transformative makeup looks that turn heads. It’s no wonder she’s had her own makeup lines with famous brands like TooFaced! So whenever you need to become a showstopper in less than thirty minutes, Nikkie’s got you covered.


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