Style Guide: Vans

By Tajah Ware


I’m a sneakerhead. I love the sneaker culture and how you’re able to transform your outfits with any pair. I also have to admit;  I hate heels because they hurt, which means sneakers are always my go-to shoes. Vans are some of my favorite sneakers because they go with any outfit, whether you have a concert, date, or house party to attend. Here are a few tips on how to properly style them!


The first step to wearing Vans is to figure out what type of look you’re going for. Are you going for a chill and  comfy look? If so, then style a pair of low-top Vans with distressed mom jeans, a cropped tank and some sunglasses. This look is comfy, but not so casual that you look like a bum. You can wear this outfit out with friends or on a date with your S/O.



If you’re going for more of an edgy look, try a pair of black low-top Vans with a leather or metallic skirt and a shirt that pops. Be sure to add a choker for a little extra sass before you head out on the town.



Lastly, if you’re going to a party or club in a dress but don’t want to wear heels (aka me 365 days of the year), don’t fret because Vans are here for you! Wear either white or black slip-on Vans with a fitted, solid-colored dress and a bomber jacket.

Vans are definitely the real deal. They go with almost everything, so add a pair to your wardrobe today!


*Image Sources:

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Outfits created on Polyvore by Tajah Ware 

One thought on “Style Guide: Vans

  1. Nice post! Ha-ha, every girl wants a shoe chic and not rubbing. High-heel always beautiful, but kill the feet!!! So I choose the sneaker. I like vans too. It’s really can go with any outfit!

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