Super Quick Hair, Makeup for Early Classes

By Kelli Walker


Rushing to class isn’t the best situation to be in, but whether you snooze your alarm too many times or simply sleep through it, here are some quick hair and makeup tips to avoid looking  like a zombie.



Whether your hair is naturally curly or straight, here are three easy hairstyles to make yourself look instantly put together:


Half-Up Half-Down or Simple Ponytail

For people who like to wear their hair down but still keep it out of their face, here’s the perfect hairstyle for you!



Half-Down Crown Braid

Similar to the previous style, this one involves braiding or twisting the crown of your head. With endless design possibilities, choose the crown that’s the perfect fit for you.



Classic Bun

This hairstyle is for those who do not want their hair in their face or cascading down their back.





Now that your hair looks flawless, it’s time to look more awake. With these makeup tips, you will have no problem achieving this!


BB or CC Cream

There are misconceptions about BB/CC creams when it comes to coverage and quality. However, these creams come in endless options that work just as great as foundations, without the heavy feeling that the latter tend to leave on your face.


Both BB and CC Creams differ, but most brands provide this quick all-in-one option for you. So when you’re in a rush, you can substitute your primer, concealer and foundation for a simple cream.


Eyebrows and Eyelashes

If you were born with naturally flawless threaded brows, then feel free to skip this step. Unfortunately, the rest of us might need a little help to achieve that look. They say your eyes are the window to your soul, so let’s make sure they’re spotless and dust free.



When in a rush, you won’t have time to precisely fill in your eyebrows with a pencil. The best way to still make them look full is to use brow powder and/or tinted brow gel instead. As far as mascara goes, Maybelline is a top brand with endless options that won’t break the bank.


Lip Gloss

I always tend to think that the best lip product is one that provides both a great cosmetic color and the benefits of vitamins to your lips. After all, why not use something that benefits you health wise?




Eyeshadow (optional)

Last but not least, this last step is for those of you who like a little color on your eyelids. If you’re really in a rush, then I would choose one soft or neutral shade lighter than your skin tone to lighten your eyes.


Above are some brands (Nyx, ColourPop, Stila and Urban Decay) that sell individual eyeshadows, inexpensive and portable alternatives to a full palette.



*Image Sources:

All images are from Pinterest.

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