Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas

By Mea Donnelly


Anyone who knows me knows that I love traveling, and not just any travel: a last-minute run to the airport because you just booked it travel. I am a Travelocity gold member and an American Airlines Platinum Rewards card carrier, so it is safe to say I am an expert in travel. Now, spring break is fast approaching, and you may have gone into it thinking you would really want to be home with family and just chill. But, since spring break is fast approaching, so is the realization that you need a vacation. Have no fear; you can still get a spring break to remember.


West Palm Beach, Florida


I know it seems far-fetched, but round-trip airfare here is currently around $70 (just check Kayak Explorer). This means you can still escape to paradise and be somewhere on a beach, sippin’ something strong while getting that quintessential spring break tan.


Los Angeles, CA


Flying out of O’Hare to Los Angeles is always pretty cheap due to the fact ORD and LAX are both huge flight hubs. As an LA girl, the $102 round-trip airfare is a pretty good deal. Plus, once there, you can visit Mickey Mouse and In-N-Out Burger, a West Coast staple.


Paris, France


Hear me out on this one: going to Europe in the winter is 100% the move. It is way less expensive and you can almost always find an affordable but classy youth hostel. Round-trip airfare is currently in the low $400s, so you could make this unforgettable spring break experience happen for about half a grand.


Bangkok, Thailand


Thailand is probably one of the least expensive countries you can visit. Including housing, food, and the quintessential boozin’ you can get in and out for less than $200. Airfare is in the mid $400s, so why not get this insane experience and be able to tell all your friends about how you last-minute went to Thailand?




Road trips are an American staple, and with good reason. They are fun and a great bonding experience to have with friends.  They can also end up being very inexpensive. So grab some friends, jump in a car and create your own adventure.


There you have it, Illini, five last-minute spring break ideas for some crazy adventures, stories and memories this March.



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