Greenery: A Year One With Nature

By Jane Lee




Ever felt that each color has a unique personality? If you think about it, don’t certain cool and warm tones give off different vibes and make us feel a certain way? Showing appreciation to every color seems reasonable, and PANTONE believes that too.



PANTONE annually chooses a shade to be their “Color of the Year.” PANTONE describes this title as “A symbolic color selection; a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.” For 2017, PANTONE chose “Greenery.” Whether it be fresh grass, a matcha latte, avocadoes or our everyday clothing and accessories, “Greenery” can be found in a lot of places. It can be a more difficult shade to incorporate into your daily wardrobe; however, it is definitely a pop of bold color. “Greenery” can mix and match beautifully with many other colors, perfect for a sense of spring, summer, fall or winter.



The color of “Greenery” resembles a relationship between nature and humanity, or rather a “reconnection.” PANTONE describes this yellow/green shade with a great appreciation for nature, relaxation and rejuvenation. With social and political issues that seem to continuously appear, PANTONE respectively felt that “Greenery” can successfully reassure everyone to revitalize, reinvigorate and unify with nature. Especially in today’s culture where people spend less time being in awe of nature’s beauty, “Greenery” is a color that PANTONE describes as “An omnipresent hue around the world.” It’s a great year to refresh and channel the interior designer, fashion stylist, and most importantly, the lover of nature inside of you. Play around with a unique vibrant tone that can truly provide peace and renewal.



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